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Simple calculator

This is a simple calculator that I wrote using HTML and JavaScript at 2019. It works the same as old physical calculators not the new Windows calculator. Please report me if you get any problem while using this calculator.

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Academic apps

I have developed five apps up to now related to my research and work. One is called MCKR, written using Julia programming language. The other is called CRNPy, written using Python programming languaeg. And the last three are called Ellipsoids, ResChain and SCPPack, written in Maple programming language as Maple packages. Click on the following links if you are interested in checking them. They have manuals so you get the answer to the questions such as what they are and how you can use them by reading their short manuals ^_^

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This flag counter counts the number of visitors to my homepages, not only this page :)

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